Picture Perfect

Hey, look, that’s me
A sparkling shimmering flower
Beautiful and delicate
A pretty purple flower floating
Floating in the iridescent blue sea of life
Turbulence stopped, Tranquillity still.

See the special silver circle
Charged with the energy of love.
Love for me, from others, from me.
Belief in me, being me.
Being the best that I can be.

Its specialness protects me from
The harm trying to penetrate
Just as you penetrated a very special me
Shedding your sceptic seeds,
While I was still growing, still just a bud, growing.

A spikey red line that’s you
Not striking poppy red
Not sleek sports car red
But discoloured blood red
Clotted on the scabs of my scars.

Now I have bloomed
I bleed no more.
Free from the dog weed that you are.
You cannot slice me with a line of symmetry
But I am perfect
Perfect because I’m me.

– J