Survivor C’s Story

Although I’m usually regarded as very capable, I had carried this “secret” for many years. With everyday life, work, etc, I have always been able to cope, however in a social situation making the effort to go out was difficult and I would much rather stay at home.

I had tried to address the abuse firstly many years ago by asking my doctor about counselling but was told there was nothing available on the NHS. A lot of time passed then I noticed in the doctors surgery information about someone who did counselling privately so I made an appointment to see him.

I did go to a couple of sessions but I found it hard and I felt uncomfortable with the counsellor, he reminded me of my abuser so I discontinued going.

In 2007 I saw a piece in the evening news about “Surviving Together” so I rang up, and have been attending monthly meetings for quite some time. In one way or another, within the group we have all been through similar experiences of abuse, within the group we are able,(if we so wish)  to express how we have been affected, without fear of a negative reaction, and with a genuine empathy with the hope of in time moving forward with life. Attending  the meetings has been very positive for me and I’m sure the group  will go on to help many other woman with similar issues.